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Our Three Key Aims
How And Why The Peace Mantra Foundation Came Into Being

Seven of us created the Peace Mantra (Cornwall 2007)

OurThree Key Aims
1.To cultivate Peace through meditation, silence and prayer, using the foundation’s Peace Mantra as a focal point.
2.To cultivate Peace in our relations with all other people, and to live in harmony with the environment.
3.To raise public awareness of Peace in a gentle manner and to support any organisation or world leader who is actively promoting Peace or seeking to resolve human conflict.

bullet pointThe Foundation will make unconditional donations of all surplus funds to selected worldwide organisations that actively promote Peace or seek to resolve human conflict.


How And Why The Peace Mantra Foundation Came Into Being
bullet point Seven of us - Alan, Annette, Barrie, Elaine, Netti, Steve and Val – had been meditating together in West Cornwallfor a number of years. In the summer of 2007 we decided to spend an evening composing our own mantra. It soon became clear that we all wished to focus upon Peace. By the end of the evening we had all contributed to the creation of the Peace Mantra. From then on, it became the main focus for our weekly group meditations.

bullet point In May 2008 we all attended a course of lectures given in Nottingham by the Dalai Lama. Each of us was inspired by the Dalai Lama’s assertion that it was everyone’s responsibility to cultivate Peace within, and to share and spread Peace throughout the world, both by meditation and in practical ways.

bullet pointWe therefore decided to share the Peace Mantra with anyone who wishes to receive it, to offer gentle support to all those who want to develop a sense of Peace within themselves (with the aim to improve health and self-esteem), and to offer support to those who are actively working for Peace in the world.

bullet pointTo achieve all this, we realised we needed to form an organisation, and so thePenwith Peace Foundation came into being.

bullet pointAs many people from outside of West Cornwall became interested in the Foundation, we decided in the spring of 2009 to rename it the UK Peace Foundation.

bullet point Then in June 2015 we realised that many people who were joining our Facebook page were citizens ofother countries, so we decided to drop 'UK' from our name.Instead, we decided to change our name to The Peace Mantra Foundation.The Foundation's administration address is in East Sussex; please go to the Contact Us page.We can also be contacted by emailat

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At present, the Peace Mantra Foundation is 'run' by Barrie and Steve.

bullet point The significance of the Foundation's logo
Our logo has beencreated by Pharic. It reflects the twin aspects of the Mantra: the journey within (spiral) and the radiating outwards (like flower petals or sun-rays):-