The following website list of organisations and groups may be of interest to you. However, please note that inclusion of these websites does not constitute endorsement by The Peace Mantra Movement. If you visit any of these sites we would welcome your feedback, thank you.

We have grouped the list into the following categories:

World Peace
The Environment
The Community
Personal Development


bullet point World Prayers. Gathering the great prayers from all spiritual traditions into a unified non-profit archive; for the purpose of inspiration, study and cross-cultural appreciation.

bullet point Peace Mala. Their aim is to contribute to education for global citizenship by inviting all people to treat each other with respect regardless of race, colour, religion, gender, size, age or ability. Their compassionate wish is for people, animals and the environment to be at Peace.

bullet point World Peace Flame Foundation. This is a charity based in the Netherlands existing to promote World Peace by giving people the tools to transform themselves; in this way a better world can be created for all humankind.

bullet point Peace Direct. This charity was created in 2003 to fund, promote and learn from local Peacebuilders in conflict areas, with the work of local Peacebuilders put at the heart of all strategies to deal with conflict.

bullet point The Gandhi Foundation.
Promoting non-violence as a way to replace war and aggression, along with simplicity in life and tolerance of others.


bullet point The Fair Trade Foundation. Working toward a world in which justice and sustainable development are at the heart of trade structures and practises, for the benefit of all communities.


bullet point The Corymeela Community. Promoting reconciliation and peace-building through the healing of social, religious and political pisions in Northern Ireland. At our 2009 AGM we voted to award this charity 100.