Peace-making and healing are I believe very intimately linked. We believe they are both entwined together with Love - in its unconditional and compassionate sense.

This page consists of the following:-
1. Offering healing to areas of the world which are in conflict
2. The Healing Mantra
3. Prayers for World Healing

bullet point 1. Offering healing to areas of the world which are in conflict

Please choose a nation or area which needs healing, and offer healing to it every day, or as often as you can, and of course offer healing to other areas which you sense are also in need.

This simple process given below in rose-pink only takes a few minutes, and comes in three short stages. It is an adaptation of the Inayatiyya Healing UK's Circle of Prayer; however, I would point out that other spiritual groups or religions have their own way of offering healing.

First, imagine your heart is being filled with compassion and loving-kindness, while understanding that everyone and everything is interconnected.

Second, you may find it helpful to say or think a prayer, or form of words which seem appropriate to you. This might be the Peace Mantra, which you could adapt, for instance, by using the word 'Healing' or 'Love' instead of 'Peace'.

Third, take just five relaxed but fairly full breaths.
Each time you breathe in, imagine your heart is being filled with loving healing energy. As you do this, you may find it helpful to think 'O Healing Energy' or 'O Source of Healing' or 'O Holy Spirit' - whatever feels right for you.

Each time you breathe out, imagine this loving healing energy is filling a place dear to your heart. Imagine this place, and all those who live in it, are whole, at peace, and are filled with this healing energy. As you do this, you may want to think 'O Healing Remedy' or 'The All-Sufficient Energy that Heals'.

At the end of the cycle of five breaths, you may wish to pause in silence, and then say or think a few words, or simply an 'Amen'. Each area to which you are offering healing needs to have a single, complete cycle of five breaths.

This short, simple practice is most effective when it is done regularly. The Sufi Healing Order suggest doing it at 9 am or 9 pm (or both!) each day. However, these times may not suit, and it is surely better doing it at a time that feels right, than not at all.

I have been offering this practice for many months, and have received the following response from a Syrian friend who lives in Damascus:
"I can feel your prayers every day of my life. Your prayers, your friendsí prayers and everyone thinking of us is the most important help you can give us. We feel happiness and peace."

You can find out more about the Sufi Healing Order Circle of Prayer by visiting this link:

or if you prefer a Christian perspective visit

As well as offering distant healing, there are a number of practical steps we can take to help bring about peace in the world. Some suggestions are outlined on the new Peace in the World page.

bullet point 2. The Healing Mantra

As I have mentioned on The Peace Mantra page, the Peace Mantra can be adapted in any number of ways. From time to time I chant, say or think the Healing Mantra, which is simply:-

Healing in my Heart
Healing in this Place
Healing in our Land
And throughout the World

Once again, there are a myriad of ways in which this mantra can be used. Here is one suggestion:-

Allow your breath to slow down, and regulate itself. You could perhaps equalise the in and out breaths so each correspond to four heartbeats (or longer, if you wish, but try not to strain in any way at all). Perhaps the most important thing is to imagine you are filling with unconditional love, compassion and joy.

Then focus upon the first line 'Healing in my Heart'. As you breathe in, imagining you are drinking in healing energy from the source, rather like drinking the life-energising water from a mountain stream. Imagine this healing energy is reaching further and further into your heart, and feel it expanding, until it becomes all of you. On the out breath, imagine your heart/soul/inner self is completely healed, and shining with light.

Repeat the process for at least five breaths, before moving your focus to 'Healing in this Place', 'Healing in our Land', and 'Healing throughout the World'.

I find it helpful to allow plenty of time for this healing practice, which should never be rushed.

The Prayers for World Healing is an online Zoom multifaith ritual. It was set up in 2016 by a group of us from Inayatiyya Healing UK, who believe that the world is in great need of healing.

We offer rituals every two months. All are most welcome, of any faith or none.

For more information, and for the dates of rituals please follow the link: http://www.inayatiyyahealinguk.org/

If you require individual healing, please contact the IHUK at the above address. All we need is your first name and surname and your consent to receive distant healing.