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NEWS from 2016

bullet point Symphony of Peace Prayers - Sunday 15 May 2016
The Symphony of Peace Prayers (SOPP) is a 'symphony' of different faiths, traditions, and cultures coming together in harmony to pray with one voice for peace on earth. It is a worldwide peace event that is celebrated every year in May. Hundreds of thousands of people have participated in 50 countries since its inception in 2005.

Among the events taking place around the world on 15 May is one in Ninfield, East Sussex, between 12 and 4 pm. The organiser says 'We would like to invite anyone who is sincerely hoping for the peace of humanity. No matter what background you are from, your positive energy counts. We will be sending out prayers and thoughts to every country across the globe in a short prayer ceremony. Anyone can participate (including children) with a prayer, meditation, self reflection, poems, music, or just by attending. This event is free of charge. Complimentary vegetarian food and refreshments will be served. May Peace Prevail On Earth.'

More details can be found by emailing -
unfortunately for technical reasons I cannot establish a direct link on this page.

To find out where your nearest event is, please go to the SOPP website at

bullet point New Moon Prayers and Meditations For World Peace
I'm sure you will agree that a genuine and lasting peace is needed more than ever in the world.

We can of course help cultivate and reflect upon peace at any time, and in any place. However, some of us find that the New Moon is an optimum time. So this is why we are introducing this New Moon Prayers and Meditations For Peace.
This is a continuation of the Tiger's Eye New Moon Prayer Circle for World Peace initiated by Susan.

We therefore invite you to spend just a few minutes on each day of the New Moon praying or meditating for peace in the world. If you cannot make the actual time of the New Moon, then please try to do so at 9 pm (your local time). Again, if this time isn't convenient, then I suggest doing so at a time which suits - any time is better than none at all!

The form of prayer or meditation is of course up to each individual. Some people like to concentrate upon the Peace Mantra, but there are infinite possibilities.

Below, I list the New Moon dates and times (GMT) for 2016:

10 January 01.30
8 February 14.38
9 March 01.54
7 April 12.23
6 May 20.29
5 June 03.59
4 July 12.00
2 August 21.44
1 September 10.03
1 October 01.11
30 October 17.38
29 November 12.18
29 December 06.53

bullet point
The Peace Mantra is being translated into other languages
During the course of this Summer and Autumn, we are asking native or fluent speakers to translate the Peace Mantra into their languages. This will hopefully make the Peace Mantra more widely accessible, and also give people the chance to meditate upon it in their own language, rather than the foreign language of English.

As of 19 April 2016, the Peace Mantra has been translated into Spanish, French, Albanian, Bulgarian, Norwegian, Czech, Arabic, Hebrew, German, Cornish, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Welsh, Vietnamese, Swedish, Russian, Turkish, Greek and Latin - that makes 20 languages in all, with others in the pipeline!

We are deeply grateful to all those who have offered us their translations - with perhaps particular thanks to Paolo who started the ball rolling. Thank you all from the heart!

You can find the translations on our Facebook page
called The Peace Mantra in Translation, which is at

NEWS from 2015
bullet point
2015 Peace Walk from Rome to Jerusalem
On 23 July Paul Haines is beginning a marathon Walk for Peace and Reconciliation. The walk begins in Rome, and will continue via Italy, Croatia, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, finishing up in Palestine/Israel in December.

Paul writes 'I would like to carry Messages of Peace with me as I walk. I sincerely hope that you could email me a message, or leave one on my website.

'I would like to engage with as many people as possible from all walks of life and faith, before, during and after my walk, and hope to help raise the profile and awareness of peace. As well as the messages, I will wear a symbol of peace, and I will take a book for people to sign. I will also be walking for the charity "Children of Peace"'. (This non-partisan charity helps to build trust, friendship and reconciliation between Israeli and Palestinian children.)

We have already made contact with Paul, and have left a Message of Peace -including the Peace Mantra - on the walk's website (see details at the end of this item). We will be following Paul's progress with great interest, and holding him in our loving thoughts throughout this arduous and inspirational journey.

bullet point
We have changed our name
The people joining our Facebook page come from all over the world, so we have decided it is no longer appropriate to call ourselves the UK Peace Foundation. The name we have chosen is The Peace Mantra Foundation
as it is free from geographical restriction, and it also encapsulates the main reason why we exist, which is to cultivate peace through the offering of the Peace Mantra to all who wish to receive it.

e have also changed our email address to so please amend your address books.

bullet point The Peace Mantra Foundation is now on Facebook!

This means that the Peace Mantra is reaching out further into the world. Since its launch, many people have used the page to share some of their experiences and deeper thoughts regarding peace - long may this continue! We look forward towelcoming you at

bullet pointA simple way of offering healing and peaceto the world
The following is an adaptation of an invitation offered by the Sufi Healing Order UK (Circle of Prayer). It can be further adapted to suit one's own beliefs and practice: the all-important thing is to have a clear and compassionate intention.

We invite you tooffer a prayer or positive intention for healingeach day, or as often as you can, for a country or region of the world which is experiencing conflict or natural disaster.Anyone can do this, whateveryour religion or spiritual path, andwhether or not you have ever offered healing before.

The Sufi Healing Order UK Circle of Prayer offer this healing at 9 am and 9 pm each day; but please don't feel pressurised to follow suit if you find other times more convenient. This simple practice need only take a few minutes, and can easily be includedas part of your regular meditation practice. It comes in threeshort stages:-

1. Imagine your heart is being filled with compassion and loving-kindness, while understanding that everyone and everything is interconnected.

2. As you do this, you may find it helpful to say out loud a prayer, or form of words. You may wish to say the Peace Mantra, or the following Invocation composed by Hazrat Inayat Khan:-

Towards the One
The Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty
The Only Being
United with All the Illuminated Souls
Who Form the Embodiment of the Master
The Spirit of Guidance

3. Take just five breaths.
Concentrate upon a country or region which is suffering from conflict or natural disaster. Each time you breathe in, imagine this country and all who live in itare being filled with loving healing energy. As you do this, you may find it helpful to think'O Healing Energy' or 'O Divine Healer' or 'O Holy Spirit' or the Arabic equivalent 'Ya Shafee' - whatever feels right for you.

Each timeyou breathe out, imaginethe samecountry is completelyat peaceand is radiating with healing energy. As you do this, you may want to think 'O Healing Remedy' or 'The All-Sufficient Energy that Heals' or the Arabic equivalent 'Ya Kafee', or whatever else feels right for you.

We suggest you follow your heart when choosing who to pray for. For instance, you may feel drawn to pray for an area undergoing conflict now, or in the past, or perhaps you may wish to focus upon offering healing to the entire world, including the environment.

This practice helps to teach us that we are all connected as one family, and that we do not live or meditate just for ourselves, but for all beings. It needs to be accompanied if at all possible by the taking of practical steps. Some of these are outlined on the Peace in the World page. In various waysour practical actions can be part of the answer to our prayers.

Those who wish to find out more about the Sufi Healing Oder UK's Circle of Prayer can visit theirwebsite at or visit their Facebook page.

bullet point The significance of the Foundation's logo
Our logo has beencreated by Pharic. It reflects the twin aspects of the Mantra: the journey within (spiral) and the radiating outwards (like flower petals or sun-rays):-