Peace in my Heart

Peace in this Place

Peace in our Land

And throughout the World


(The Peace Mantra)


A very warm welcome to the Peace Mantra Movement (which was formerly called the UK Peace Foundation). We have created this website so as to provide a free resource of inspiration and encouragement for all who are interested in cultivating peace.

This website is being retained as an archive, and will be updated only very rarely. For regular updates please go to The Peace Mantra Movement Facebook page at

Our approach to peace is encapsulated in the Peace Mantra, which is displayed at the top of this page. We believe that each one of us has the ability and the responsibility to cultivate peace within ourselves and our communities, and then to radiate it out into the environment, nation, and the whole world. We believe that this 'inside-out' approach makes it much more likely that lasting peace can be maintained. However, this approach is no soft option as it calls for a good deal of patience and perseverance.

Carmen from the Netherlands writes: 'I started my day with the peace mantra today and I intend to do so every day from now on. I'm so happy I found out about the foundation, because saying the mantra makes me feel like I can contribute to a positive vibe in this world of turmoil. If lots and lots of people join in, it is bound to do at least some good.'

We have no merchandise to sell, as our Peace Mantra postcards are free to all who wish to receive them. If youwish to make a donation, as some people kindly do, you can find further details on the Contact Us page.

You are welcome to print off any of the website material, but if sharing it with others, we ask you out of courtesy to acknowledge where it has come from.

Please scroll down to find the following items:
What is the Peace Mantra Movement?
The significance of the Foundation's logo
We are helping two Syrian families at the moment
Other things we have been doing over the years
We welcome an exchange of experiences and ideas

bullet point What is the Peace Mantra Movement?

We area non-commercial organisation, free of any political or spiritual bias. Our purpose is to support and encourage all who desire peace, and who want to help bring it into being.

We believe that all of us can take practical measures, however small, to cultivate peace within ourselves, and spread it out into our communities, into our land, and throughout the world.

Our 'inside-out' approach to peace is reflected in the Peace Mantra, which isdisplayed at the top of this page. It contains the realisation that peace begins with each one of us; we cannot expect others to pursue peace unless we are prepared to set our own house in order. You can read more about the mantra by clicking on the following buttons to the left of this page: The Peace Mantra, Peace in my Heart, Peace in this Place, Peace in our Land, and Peace in our World.

bullet point The significance of the logo

Our logo has been created by Pharic. It reflects the twin aspects of the Mantra: the journey within (spiral) and the radiating outwards (like flower petals or sun-rays)

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bullet point We are helping two Syrian families at the moment

For the past two years or so we have been doing all we can to support two Syrian families who have had to abandon their homes and possessions and flee the country, owing to the civil war. The support we have been able to give has been a mixture of financial help, empathic listening, offering encouragement, and heartfelt prayer. Some of the help has come from generous donations made by various people, including family members and friends, either via the Peace Mantra Movement, or to Barrie and myself personally to pass on.

This support has really helped to make a positive difference, but we are ever mindful of the fact that there are literally millions of other people who are in similar need of help.

bullet point Other things we have been doing over the years

Since our formation in 2008, we have been

bullet point We welcome an exchange of experiences and ideas

We realise that everyone has their own 'take' on how to establish and maintain peace, and that much can be gained through mutual sharing and dialogue. So please let us know by emailing or via the Contact Us page if
- you would like to give any constructive feedback about this website
- you have any peace writings, peace 'news', quotations, or recommended books or practices you would like to share
- you would like to receive some Peace Mantra postcards (these are free)
- you would like to discuss any issues about meditation
- you would like to recommend a link (please bear in mind our policy is to forge links only with not-for-profit organisations whichare politically and spiritually unbiased)

If the above link does not automatically open your email client, please copy the email address and paste it into another window.

Thank you for your interest; we hope you will leave this site feeling inspired, encouraged and 'enabled'.

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